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Call (07) 5526 4444

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Also see Map and Directions to Health HQ below

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Doctors who work at Health HQ Southport Gold Coast

Health HQ Southport is a family friendly Medical Practice with experienced Doctors and Nurses click for practice personnel profiles.

New Health HQ Medical Centre Address:

Level 2, Queen Street Village
127 Queen St. Southport Qld 4215
2 hours free Undercover Parking (enter via Nerang St).
45 mins free open air parking (nearest to Health HQ, enter via Queen St)

All consultations are by appointment.
If you need to be seen urgently or need a long consultation, please inform reception at the time of phone booking.

Phone for appointment during office hours.

You can also Book online anytime:

Phone: (07) 55 26 44 44

Fax: 07 55 31 36 97

Health HQ Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8.00 – 6.00

If you have a medical emergency or for after hours medical assistance we suggest* the following services.
*Please note that the clinic below has no association with Dr Hohl or Health HQ.

Chevron After Hours Medical Service
Dr Laurence Kelly
125 Nerang St Southport
Phone 5532 8666
Hours below are current as per CAHMS website on 3 July 2024.

  • Monday:5am - 8am, 6pm - 12pm
  • Tuesday:5am - 8am, 6pm - 12pm
  • Wednesday:5am - 8am, 6pm - 12pm
  • Thursday:5am - 8am, 6pm - 12pm
  • Friday:5am - 8am, 6pm - 12pm
  • Saturday:5am - 12am
  • Sunday:5am - 12am
  • All Public Holidays: 5am - 12am
  • Monday-Sunday (365 days per year*): 12am - 5am

    *Doctor on site overnight for urgent consultations only.


For After hours Telehealth, Home visits and Aged Care visits see 13SICK website.

In a serious emergency, call 000.

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Map and Directions to Health HQ

Health HQ is located at Level 2, 127 Queen St, Southport, Gold Coast which is near the Queen St entrance to the open air carpark of the Queen Street Village development.

Health HQ is on the right side of the carpark entrance, looking from Queen St.
It is 100m from the Nerang St. Tram station if you walk through Queen Street Village on a direct path.
Health HQ, Skin HQ and Vasectomy Venue location within Queen Street Village

Map (below) showing Health HQ medical centre's new location at 127 Queen St which is part of the new Queen Street Village development.


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