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2018 Your Doctor Newsletters

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  • Nov 2018 includes:

    • How to choose the best hearing aid.
    • More about asparagus the superfood.
    • How to avoid middle-age spread.
    • How to avoid food poisoning.
    • How to change your bad habits, first step: recognise them!

  • July 2018 includes:

    • New research into the signs of heart disease: weakness, coldness, shortness of breath read more.
    • 10% of lung cancer cases are not related to smoking, radon gas, coal gas and some metals processing are risk factors.
    • How to avoid middle-age spread - MOVE, SLEEP and more!
    • How to remove allergens in your home to reduce allergies and allergic asthma.
    Are your bowel movements regular? If not see tips on how to have clockwork motions!

  • May 2018 includes:

    • Why exactly giving up smoking is so difficult. Nicotine Dopamine.
    • The facts about hormonal imbalance and weight gain.
    • One in nine Australians has Asthma, watch out for Winter if you do!
    • May 10 is World Lupus Day read more about this misunderstood disease.
    • How to reduce psoriasis flare-ups this winter.

  • April 2018 includes:

    2018 flu vaccination available now!
    See list to see if you qualify for free vaccination.
    • An afternoon cat nap or not? Research says it is good for you!
    • Amazing gardening health risks and how to stay safe.
    • Watch for energy drinks which contain a lot of caffeine.
    • See list of mosquito-borne diseases in Australia.

  • March 2018 includes:

    • Gastric ballooning for Obesity. It is a revolution!
    • About Colour blindness.
    • Breathing technique for anxiety.
    Hypochondria or Illness anxiety disorder is unnecessary worry and can be treated.

    • Chicken in Lemon and Garlic, easy healthy recipe to try.

  • Jan 2018 includes:

    Vitamin D is given to us by Sunshine but how much time is required in the sun?
    • Great short list of easy life changes to be healthier.
    • Breastfeeding reduces mother's risk of breast cancer.
    Chronic back pain improvement without drugs.

2017 Your Doctor Newsletter

  • Dec 2017 includes:

    Nature deficency disorder is a condition resulting from not spending any time in a natural environment, the answer is to get amongst it!
    • Drink more water! Health facts about water brought to you by the Aust. and NZ govts.
    • Reduce your risk of bowel cancer.
    Is using sunscreen harmful to use? Yes. Oxybenzone is bad for our health and bad for the Great Barrier Reef!
    Regarding sunscreen also watch out for the following:
    *SPF above 50 *Retinyl palmitate *Aerosol spray and powder sunscreen *Oxybenzone *Added insect repellent

    • Read about our bodies most amazing organ - the Liver and what it does to keep us healthy!
    • Then prepare to be shocked by the news that the number one cause of acute liver failure is Paracetamol, especially for people who regularly drink alcohol.
    Read more by clicking on the month (Dec 2017) above.

  • October 2017 includes:

    • Should young children exercise? Yes! for many reasons, Read why it could make a lifelong difference.
    • Reducing the risk of getting dementia by maintaining health in middle age, this is important news.
    • Vitamin B3 may reduce risks of childbirth and increase newborn's health.
    • How to minimise the effects of jet lag, eat drink sleep before you travel.
    • Healthy chocolate brownie recipe.
    • Sleep research is fascinating! read the latest research.

  • September 2017 Also new includes:

    • Mysteries around hay fever are becoming clearer.
    • Is a gluten free diet good for you? Not unless you have coeliac disease says British Medical Journal study.
    • If your child has ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and lives in the US then they are 160 times more likely to die from drowning than other children. For this reason it is recommended kids with ASD learn to swim in Australia as well.
    • More accident prevention in an interesting article on preventing accidents during DIY projects at home.

    • Guess what is the #1 DIY accident? It's as easy as... falling off a ladder.
    • Read this article if you have rheumatoid arthritis, it says it is easy to reduce painful symptoms.
    • New research on the link between eczema and filaggrin. What's fillagrin? Read more and find out.

  • March 2017 includes:

    • Million dollar question answered! After you lose weight why is it extremely difficult to keep it off?
    • Introducing eggs to infants who are at high risk of egg allergy, it works but talk to your doctor first.
    • 25 year study on the link between eating Saturated Fatty Acids (SFAs) found in biscuits, cakes and fast food and having a Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) event like a heart attack.
    • Study shows probiotics can help in cancer treatment (chemo, radio) to prevent unpleasant side effects such as diarrhoea
    • Dr Norman Swan (not Dr Norman Hohl) comments on Australian research that has found that even if you eat a healthy diet it doesn't mean you can think you can also have unhealthy treats sometimes... because you eat well most of the time... unfortunately Deakin University scientists found it doesn't work like that.
    • Important! - Researchers conduct meta-analysis to pinpoint the exact diet to eat when you are in remission from cancer in order to live longer.

  • February 2017 includes:

    • How to find your absolute heart disease risk at this moment and how it can be decreased by taking preventative medications.
    • See how some psychosocial treatments have short-term and long-term benefits for children with autism.
    • See recent research on how to prevent getting gestational diabetes including exercise and diet. Also a strong recommendation to start early when undertaking the lifestyle programs.
    • 22 year study shows eating fruit and vegetable in adolescence lowers risk of breast cancer in some high risk groups
    One hour of movement and exercise per day may save your life!
    • What is a thunderstorm asthma event?
    • Read about your stroke risk factors including high blood pressure, high BMI, fruit and vegetable intake and air pollution.

  • January 2017 includes:

    • Researchers find children's picture books portray unhealthy dietary behaviours in the main so parents must step in to educate their children.
    • Proof that having the FAT gene (or FTO gene) doesn't make it more difficult to lose weight.
    Getting the flu vaccination is statistically a very smart move!
    • No benefit in low GI vs high GI foods for endurance sports.
    • Having a secure job lowers your risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
    • Cranberry juice doesn't prevent urinary infections.
    Headspace youth mental health initiative is working.

2016 Your Doctor Newsletter

  • October 2016 includes:

    • Study finds exercise is vital to preventing contracting ovarian cancer (34% less risk) AND exercisers have better survival rates after they contract ovarian cancer.
    Coffee in moderation is most likely moderately good for you - Yay!
    Lifestyle vs Genetics vs disease risk - genetics can be an overstated cause of disease if an unhealthy lifestyle is also present.
    • Obesity affects immune function so lose weight if you are obese.
    • Dr Norman Swan's article talks about the real dangers of being physically inactive and says we must exercise or die!

  • July 2016 includes:

    • "Everything in moderation" is good - but what exactly is moderation?
    • If you don't want Cataracts eat some more food containing Vitamin C.
    • Watch out for added Salt in your diet, you will eat more which may contribute to your becoming obese.
    • Is high athletic ability predestined in your genes? See the no brainer answer (yes) in this month's newsletter click above.
    • Dr Norman Swan explains new infant feeding guidelines to prevent food allergy.
    • Eat less charred food to reduce risk of T2 diabetes.

  • June 2016 includes:

    • Latest research says Stretching is good for you but doesn't reduce your risk of injury
    • Is a Vegan diet healthy? Mostly yes with some reservations
    • If your child is a fussy eater read this article.
    • Most people who think they are allergic to antibiotics aren't!
    Coconut oil? yes no & maybe.

  • May 2016 includes:

    • Watch more TV and die early!
    • More fibre in your diet may reduce your risk of breast cancer
    • Is your child texting after lights out?
    • Why women's survival rates after heart attack are lower than men's?
    • Medical research reported in the main stream media may not be as accurate as the real thing, surprise surprise!

  • Mar 2016 includes:

    • Research tries to find which single exercise is the best to lose weight.
    • Getting adequate Vitamin D vs more risk of skin cancer? New research says to watch out for deficiency of Vitamin D in winter!
    Brain Training! It works!
    • Watching horror movies can actually increase risk of developing a blood clot. The fear experienced watching a scary movie is real.

  • Feb 2016 includes:

    • New research tells how to avoid Type 2 Diabetes.
    Childhood obesity rates are soaring, Fructose could be the reason.
    • If you believe you are destined to be fat, you will be!
    • Self-diagnosed Non-Coeliac Gluten sensitivity (NCGS) Is it a myth or a fact?

  • Jan 2016 includes:

    • Watch out - We snack more than we realise!
    Portion distortion - the way food is presented really matters.
    • What is "Absolute Risk?" - Find out more about your personal risk of dying and using that risk percentage to help you make decisions regarding your medication regime.

2015 Your Doctor Newsletter

  • Sep 2015 Includes:

    • Watch out for overconsumption of Salt!
    • Vegetarian diet linked to weight loss
    • Protect yourself from Stroke risk...with a free APP?

  • Aug 2015 Includes:

    • Watch out for overconsumption of Salt!
    • Vegetarian diet linked to weight loss
    • Protect yourself from Stroke risk...with a free APP?

  • July 2015 Includes:

    • Depression and insomnia - What a NIghtmare! Literally!
    • Dr Norman Swan talks about "Glue Ear"
    • Myth or Fact: Darker skin protects against Skin Cancer?

  • June 2015 Includes:

    • High Intensity Exercise is better than just walking
    • Just Keep it Simple! - Eat more Fibre to lose weight!
    • Good news! Drinking Coffee may lower Melanoma Risk!

  • May 2015 Includes:

    • The myth of "Healthy Obesity"
    • Health threat from long hours in front of the computer screen
    • Tomatoes! Get them into you!

  • Feb 2015 Includes:

    • Benefits of a day off (cheat day) during a weight loss regime
    • Milk is better than sports drink to rehydrate after exercise
    • Exercise powers the mind
    • Junk food is bad for teen IQs
    • Dr Norman Swan asks how are your New Year’s resolutions going?
    • Physical activity and alcohol

  • Jan 2015 Includes:

    • Which diet dominates?
    • Stress and our immune system
    • Menu: Vegetarian burrito
    • Poor sense of smell could indicate poor health
    • Lifestyle influences breast cancer risk
    • Dr Norman Swan: One Pinch or Two?
    • myth vs. fact: Attitude towards ‘cheat’ foods

2014 Your Doctor Newsletter

  • Dec 2014 Includes:

    • Salt and the heart • Menu: Spinach and ricotta rolls
    • A fat tongue can ruin a good night’s sleep
    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    • Dr Norman Swan: Medical Uses of Cannabis
    • myth vs. fact: Does living in the city increase food allergy risk in kids?

  • Nov 2014 Includes:

    • Dietary treatments for irritable bowel syndrome
    • Menu: Vegetarian Burgers
    • Take care when dining out
    • No such thing as a good knock to the head
    • Dr Norman Swan: Robots in Medicine there’s one coming your way
    • myth vs. fact: Is active commuting actually better for your health?

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