Medical Services offered
by Health HQ Medical Center Southport

General Practice Medical Clinic in Southport

  • Women's Health
    • Pap Smear

      Pap smear (pap test or smear test) has been replaced by the please see updated information on the Women's Health page on this website.

      Also see National Cervical Screening Program. and Women's Health Qld.

    • Antenatal care
      Heavily pregnant woman sitting on bed and fondling towels she will use after the baby is born

      Pregnant women need regular antenatal checkups to monitor the mother and unborn child's health

      Health HQ provides services for all your antenatal care to help make the birth of your child as difficulty free as possible.

      Regular antenatal health checks can help to reduce the number of pregnancies resulting in birth defects and low birth weight as well as giving you peace of mind about the health of your baby during pregnancy.

    • Postnatal care
      Woman having her blood pressure checked by a doctor who is not shown

      Blood pressure measurement being taken

      Coping with the birth of a child can be difficult and Health HQ is here to help make the change as easy as possible. We provide assistance for both the mother and child after the birth including correcting problems with feeding or any other difficulties associated with a new baby.

    • Family Planning & Contraception

      If you are not sure what contraception is right for you, please call to make an appointment to see Dr Cadman or you can book online to see Dr Cadman
      Dr Cadman has a special interest and post-graduate training in women’s health. She can insert intrauterine devices IUDs and also perform injectable and implant contraception in her surgery here at Health HQ

    • Women's cancer risk management
      Breast cancer self examination showing female torso with hand cupped on breast

      Woman checking for breast lumps.
      We recommend self-examination but regular medical checkups and mammograms are essential.

      Self-checks are always the first line of defence against women’s cancer and Health HQ can assist with instructions as to how to best perform these self-examination checks.

      See Youtube® video on how to do a breast self examination.

      In addition to this, we advise regular visits to the doctor for a scheduled examination or mammogram.

      Mammograms are a breast screening procedure using low dose X-rays and are free for women aged 50-74 (once every 2 years) as part of the Australian Government's BreastScreen program.

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  • Children's (Paediatric) Health
    • Immunisation
      Girl preparing for immunisation needle

      Girl preparing for immunisation needle to be administered by a qualified Doctor or Nurse

      Health HQ provides immunisation services for babies and young children including all services listed on the Government Immunise Australia Program.

      This includes the new combination "all-in-one" vaccination for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella/chickenpox (MMRV) which is recommended and subsidised now for babies at age 18 months.

      In addition to this our certified travel doctors can provide any vaccination necessary for holidays or long-term travel anywhere in the world.

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  • Cosmetic Medicine
    • experienced doctor’s offer proven and TGA approved cosmetic medicine and skin cancer treatments (from diagnosis, excisions and modern treatments such as Photo Dynamic Therapy), which help to remediate sun-damaged and aged skin, improve collagen and elasticity and treat skin cancers.

      Cosmetic treatments include popular anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers (for lips, natural pan-facial rejuvenation and treatment of novel areas as back of hands).

      Our home support programs include doctor developed skin care treatments. Each treatment program is individually designed to meet your personal skin and physiological needs, taking into account level of sun-damage and stage of life, enhancing and maintaining your in-clinic results.

    • Anti-Wrinkle treatments
      Wrinkle treatment by injectables

      Realistic before and after wrinkle treatment by cosmetic injectables

      Skin HQ is a department within Health HQ and has 2 doctors who perform the different anti-wrinkle treatments.

      Administered with skill and an artistic eye, anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers can provide tasteful and age appropriate rejuvenation.

      The cosmetic injectable medications are administered via a small needles, after consultation with the doctor, your medication is TGA approved, scripted and administered but your doctor. Botulinum toxin can take up to two weeks to attain full effect and can last between 3-4 months. Dermal fillers can last from 3 to 12 months depending on the brand and formulation. Your doctor will discuss with you, prior to treatment, which of these formulations will best suit your needs. You need to be over the age of 18 to access these treatments.

      Cosmetic treatments can help your skin to look young and fresh and we have some different options for you to choose from.

      These include Tretinoin, Glycosaminoglycans or GAGs, dermal fillers based on  hyaluronic acid  and calcium hydroxylapatite and of course botulinum toxin (see below).

      GAGS are naturally produced by the body to maintain structural integrity in tissues and to maintain fluid balance. Hyaluronic acid is a type of GAG that promotes collagen synthesis, repair, and hydration.
      For more information and booking details please visit Skin HQ.

    • Injectables & dermal filling treatments
      Injectable wrinkle treatment injected into face

      Health HQ provides injectable treatment to help slow signs of aging such as wrinkles

      We provide injectables such as Botulinum toxin and other dermal fillers to keep your skin looking healthy and wrinkle-free at any age.

      In cosmetic applications, an injection of botulinum toxin consists of a small dose which is injected into the wrinkle line to prevent further development of wrinkles by paralyzing the facial muscles.

      The wrinkle-preventing effect of botulinum toxin normally lasts about three to four months, but can last up to six months.

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  • Chronic Disease management
    • Diabetes
      Young person with insulin pump worn around waist

      Young person with insulin pump for treatment of diabetes

      Diabetes has 3 main variants but all are related to the body not producing enough insulin which is a hormone that allows sugar to be used by the body.
      See below for info about our Diabetes Clinics.

    • Heart Disease

      Also called cardiovascular disease this common disease involves the heart and it's associated systems not functioning correctly.

      It is the leading cause of death for both women and men but the risks of heart disease can be lessened by healthy eating, moderate exercise and not smoking.

    • Stroke
      Young person with insulin pump worn around waist

      Woman experiencing heart pain which is a sign to seek immediate emergency healthcare. Phone 000 to summon ambulance even if you are not sure.

      Stroke will affect 1 in 6 Australians and its consequences can be difficult for families to deal with.

      A stroke is caused by the formation of a clot that blocks a blood vessel in the brain

      Stroke can cause lifelong brain damage, particularly in the elderly. Health HQ can provide treatment and access to services to help you get recover and rehabilitate after having a stroke.

    • Asthma/ Emphysema
      Young boy using his asthma inhaler to treat an asthma attack

      Young person using asthma inhaler

      If you experience an asthma attack do not delay in calling triple zero (000).

      Asthma is a common lung condition and is often a life long respiratory problem which causes inflammation of a person's lungs and airways and requires constant monitoring and active management to prevent sudden death from asphyxiation.

      Health HQ can help to diagnose, treat and manage asthma from childhood all the way through to later life.

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  • Health Assessments
    • WorkCover and Workers compensation
      Workers compensation medical assessments

      Health HQ provides medical assessments for Workers compensation claims

      Health HQ is authorised to perform health assessments to see if you’re eligible for WorkCover payments if an injury prevents you from working.

      To see if you may be eligible to undergo an assessment and make a claim please see the WorkCover Qld website

    • Dept Veterans' Affairs DVA

      Health HQ conducts medical assessments to determine eligibility for pensions and compensation for war veterans.

      To see if you may be eligible to undergo a health assessment and receive a DVA pension please see the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website.

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  • Medicals
    • Aviation Medical Certificate
      Eye test for particular  Medical examination or Medical assessment

      Eye test for particular Medical examination or Medical assessment

      CASA approved Aviation medicals for private and commercial pilots and ATCs.
      One of the Health HQ Doctors is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).

      If booking by phone please advise the receptionist if it’s for a Class 1, Class 2, Basic Class 2 or Class 3 aviation medical certificate and also if it is your first aviation medical or not. See FAQS regarding the CASA Aviation Medical Certification process.

    • Coal Board Medicals

      (now called the Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme) Mine workers in Australia are required to have a medical examination sometimes called the coal board medical which can only be completed by their employer's appointed medical adviser (AMA - previously called the nominated medical adviser NMA). Doctors examine mine workers to make sure they are fit for the rigours of working in the mines. A complete medical is also required every 5 years after first passing the medical examination.

    • Qld Driving Test Medicals

      Health HQ Doctors follow the guidelines in the AustRoads (national) publication Assessing Fitness to Drive. On the Qld Govt Dept of Transport & Main Roads you can download form F4355 which you are required to fill out when you have had a change in your health condition which changes your ability to drive i.e. you have been diagnosed with diabetes.
      Other common notifiable conditions affecting fitness to drive include: blackouts, eye or vision problems, heart disease, neurological disorders such as dementia, stroke, seizures or epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, sleep disorders, alcohol or drug dependency.

    • Employment Medicals

      Health HQ conducts occupational medical assessments as required. This service helps employers to manage workplace risks with the aim of avoiding accident or injury to the job applicant.
      Some employment contracts have legal requirements and health and fitness standards that need to be met, such as the medical requirements for the Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers.

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  • Elderly (Geriatric) Health
    Doctor examining a senior Australian woman

    Elderly or Senior Patient getting a checkup. Geriatric Medicine and care is a responsibility that Health HQ takes seriously.

    Health HQ provides assessments and assistance for over 75s to help them to live healthily and at home for as long as possible in later life. In addition to specialised care, Health HQ is more than happy to provide any general practice needs for elderly patients.

    See recent study regarding the reduced risk of dementia from undergoing statin therapy (PDF 76KB)
    Make an online booking with Dr Hohl now
    Dr Hohl has a special interest in Geriatric medicine

  • Minor Surgical Procedures

    Health HQ has a fully equipped minor surgical procedure clinic for performing procedures such as biopsies and removal of foreign bodies.

  • Men's Health
    Obese man before and after medical weight loss intervention

    Obese man before and after medical weight loss intervention. Gastric banding is a surgical option that is recommended in some cases.

    Our object is to maintaining any male's general health and wellbeing in order to maximise the prevention of cancer and other chronic conditions.

    Health HQ also provides prostate examinations and other specialised services to help with early intervention and prevention of debilitating men’s cancers and other diseases associated with age, obesity and lack of exercise such as type 2 diabetes.

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  • Diabetes Clinic

    Health HQ has regular Nurse led diabetes clinics.

    Finger pricking to check blood glucose level BGL to check for Diabetes

    Finger pricking to check blood glucose level BGL to check for Diabetes

    They are 1 hour long appointments and include a complete check of your diabetic risk indicators and measurements including downloadable BGL (blood glucose levels) for accurate analysis over time.
    Health HQ patients with diabetes have had consistently better than average health indicator measurements see
    We believe this reflects the quality health management service we provide.
    Diabetic clinic appointments are available Monday to Friday please contact us for further information.

    Also see more information at Diabetes Qld .

  • Group Vaccination Clinic

    Health HQ provides vaccinations for patients of any age including government-standard vaccines and group travel vaccinations to ensure you stay healthy on your next trip overseas.

    Not only do we vaccinate families but also larger groups including school and business tours to make sure your travels are as safe as possible.

  • Skin Cancer Clinic

    Skin HQ provides dermatological services for early-intervention and preventative treatment for skin cancer such as biopsies and laser therapy.
    Visit Skin HQ and for more information about skin cancer see the Cancer Council.

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  • International Students
    Overseas student needing medical assessment for Visa extension

    Visa medical assessments for International students studying at local Gold Coast Universities and Colleges

    Health HQ provides Visa medical assessments and medical care for International students studying at local Gold Coast Universities and Colleges.

    For more information about the Australian Visa medical assessment please see the Department of Home Affairs.

  • Preventative Health & Education

    Health HQ provides preventative immunisation treatment such as the yearly Influenza vaccine as well as immunisations for travel to other countries. Education and preventative medicine also plays a huge role in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol through both medication and lifestyle and maintaining healthy diet and exercise habits.

    See the list of recommended ages for vaccination and the vaccines that are recommended by the Dept of Health in Australia.

    Health HQ always stocks all recommended vaccines including the 4-in-one vaccination for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella/chickenpox (currently PRIORIX-TETRA) which is recommended and subsidised now for all babies at 18 months of age.

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