Health HQ is a Southport Medical Centre
95 Nerang St. Southport Gold Coast Qld 4215 - free parking underneath building

Family Medicine Doctors - Travel Medicine Doctors
General Practitioners or GPs who practice evidence based medicine

Doctors who work at Health HQ Southport Gold Coast

Health HQ Southport is a family friendly Medical Practice with experienced Doctors and Nurses click for staff profiles.

Do you want control of your Health?

  • What are your blood pressure levels?
  • How high are your cholesterol levels?
  • Do you know if you are overweight?

Answering these questions honestly may save your life!

To find out simply book an appointment now with one of our Health HQ GPs (General Practioners). They are highly trained and qualified doctors and will clearly tell you what your health risks are and how to minimise them.

If you are here about Health HQ's travel medicine practice please see our pages regarding travel vaccinations and other areas of our travel health services.

Health HQ Medical Practice background

Health HQ is a family medical practice in Southport on the Gold Coast

Health HQ Southport is a family medical practice.

Health HQ approaches the practice of medicine with an emphasis on quality medical care so our patient's know they are in the best hands possible when it comes to their health.

Health HQ was established by Dr Norman Hohl in January 1995. The clinic was opened to provide specialised travel medicine to residents of the Gold Coast. Now as other doctors have joined the growing practice our range of medical services has expanded.

We now offer comprehensive General Practice or GP services for the whole family. We also offer vasectomies and circumcisions for babies, boys and adult men.

Skin HQ is a department within Health HQ which offers full body skin checks using the latest technology. All of our skin doctors are Australian trained and have a master class in dermoscopy.
Skin HQ also offers photo dynamic therapy, IPL and laser skin repair treatments.

Travel doctor Southport

Travel to Thailand safely with the proper vaccinations and knowledge of possible risks

Health HQ Southport Travel Medicine Practice offering comprehensive travel health advice and preparation for your travels.

Health HQ provides travel doctor services as well as travel vaccinations and yellow fever vaccination.

Health HQ practice principal Dr Norman Hohl and long serving Health HQ GP Dr Simon Thatcher were the first doctors on the Gold Coast to hold the internationally recognised postgraduate Certificate in Travel Medicine CTM now updated to the Certificate in Travel Health CTH through the International Society of Travel Medicine.

Book online to see Dr Thatcher (bookings open in new window).

Our travel doctors have travelled extensively and Dr Hohl has worked in some of the most remote areas of the world and have a combined 34 years of medical practice specifically in travel medicine.

The Health HQ travel clinic was the first to be a government approved yellow fever vaccination clinic for the Gold Coast area.

Vaccinations are available all year round without delay and are given by our experienced nurses - considered amongst the kindest on the coast!

Read more about our travel health doctor services.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality care and service using evidence based medicine to ensure the health of our patients.

Map showing location of Health HQ

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Your Doctor Newsletter

Your Doctor Newsletter

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  • October 2017 New includes:

    • Should young children exercise? Yes! for many reasons, Read why it could make a lifelong difference.
    • Reducing the risk of getting dementia by maintaining health in middle age, this is important news.
    • Vitamin B3 may reduce risks of childbirth and increase newborn's health.
    • How to minimise the effects of jet lag, eat drink sleep before you travel.
    • Healthy chocolate brownie recipe.
    • Sleep research is fascinating! read the latest research.

  • September 2017 Also new includes:

    • Mysteries around hay fever are becoming clearer.
    • Is a gluten free diet good for you? Not unless you have coeliac disease says British Medical Journal study.
    • If your child has ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and lives in the US then they are 160 times more likely to die from drowning than other children. For this reason it is recommended kids with ASD learn to swim in Australia as well.
    • More accident prevention in an interesting article on preventing accidents during DIY projects at home.

    • Guess what is the #1 DIY accident? It's as easy as... falling off a ladder.
    • Read this article if you have rheumatoid arthritis, it says it is easy to reduce painful symptoms.
    • New research on the link between eczema and filaggrin. What's fillagrin? Read more and find out.

  • March 2017 includes:

    • Million dollar question answered! After you lose weight why is it extremely difficult to keep it off?
    • Introducing eggs to infants who are at high risk of egg allergy, it works but talk to your doctor first.
    • 25 year study on the link between eating Saturated Fatty Acids (SFAs) found in biscuits, cakes and fast food and having a Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) event like a heart attack.
    • Study shows probiotics can help in cancer treatment (chemo, radio) to prevent unpleasant side effects such as diarrhoea
    • Dr Norman Swan (not Dr Norman Hohl) comments on Australian research that has found that even if you eat a healthy diet it doesn't mean you can think you can also have unhealthy treats sometimes... because you eat well most of the time... unfortunately Deakin University scientists found it doesn't work like that.
    • Important! - Researchers conduct meta-analysis to pinpoint the exact diet to eat when you are in remission from cancer in order to live longer.

  • February 2017 includes:

    • How to find your absolute heart disease risk at this moment and how it can be decreased by taking preventative medications.
    • See how some psychosocial treatments have short-term and long-term benefits for children with autism.
    • See recent research on how to prevent getting gestational diabetes including exercise and diet. Also a strong recommendation to start early when undertaking the lifestyle programs.
    • 22 year study shows eating fruit and vegetable in adolescence lowers risk of breast cancer in some high risk groups
    One hour of movement and exercise per day may save your life!
    • What is a thunderstorm asthma event?
    • Read about your stroke risk factors including high blood pressure, high BMI, fruit and vegetable intake and air pollution.

  • January 2017 includes:

    • Researchers find children's picture books portray unhealthy dietary behaviours in the main so parents must step in to educate their children.
    • Proof that having the FAT gene (or FTO gene) doesn't make it more difficult to lose weight.
    Getting the flu vaccination is statistically a very smart move!
    • No benefit in low GI vs high GI foods for endurance sports.
    • Having a secure job lowers your risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
    • Cranberry juice doesn't prevent urinary infections.
    Headspace youth mental health initiative is working.

Also see the archive of the many issues of the 'Your Doctor' newsletter from 2016, 2015, 2014 & 2013, which also contain excellent health information across a broad range of important topics.

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Author: Dr Norman Hohl